Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Mens Watches"


Relo nga Aflex                                                                            Relo nga Orvis 

Colo sang Bands: black & white                                           Color sang Bands: white only
Size: small, medium & large                                                   Size: medium & lagre
Price: Php 3789.75                                                                  Price: Php 3999.99

 BAKAL WATCHES SA ROXAS CITY...........                                     

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Ladies Watches"


Relo nga Charriol                              Relo nga Jurgenzen

Color ng Bands: gold, Selver                                     Color ng Bands: black only
Sukat:   small, medium, large                                   Sukat:   small and medium
Presyo:  Php. 2,399.75                                              Presyo:  Php. 1,899.75


Relo nga Mercier                                         Relo nga Accutron

Kulor ng Bands:  Pink                                                    Kulor ng Bands: black, orange and red
Sukat:  small and medium                                              Sukat:  small only
Presyo: Php. 2979.75                                                    Presyo: Php. 1999.99